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Sprinter bumper step
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Welcome to Specialized Applications

Our products make vans work and play better, smarter and safer. Vans are the Swiss army knives of vehicles, highly regarded as luxury vehicles, buses, industrial workhorses and much more. We create products that solve problems, increase utility and safety. Our solutions are designed around customer’s needs with a “systems engineering” mindset. Functionality, durability, and quality are the cornerstones of our company.

Our Mercedes Sprinter running boards are the safest and easiest way to get in and out of the Sprinter. Add our retractable rear bumper step and you have total access to the van. Power running boards are also available for the ProMaster, Econoline, Express / Savana. Retracting rear bumper steps are available for Sprinter, Transit, ProMaster, Express / Savana, and the NV.

New products are always under development and we encourage your suggestions. In addition, we welcome requests for custom programs, prototypes, development and manufacturing.

Check in with us often. We are about to introduce our all new Sprinter suspension system! Like us on Facebook or click here to receive email updates.

About Us

We create unique automotive products. We deliver performance, durability, functionality and style.

Our over 25 years of successful design and production expertise in automotive systems and accessories have led to three Ford Motor Company Quality Awards in second stage manufacturing.

We offer design, engineering, and manufacturing of molded, machined, and fabricated components and systems.

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