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Drop Step - Retractable Rear Bumper Step for the Ram ProMaster

Drop Step

Step on to lower. Drop Step improves safety and access by lowering down to ten inches from the ground on most ProMasters. A nudge from your foot and the step retracts under the bumper where it stays clean and protected. Finally - problem solved for anyone who needs to get in and out of the back of the Ram ProMaster.

Our Retractable Rear Bumper Step for the Ram ProMaster features:

Lowest step in height for improved access and safety. From factory floor height of 22” to 10” off the ground on most ProMasters.

Durable 400 lb load rate

3 year warranty

6 ½” deep step for easy access and secure footing

Textured non-skid safety surface

Vibration-proof design with locking detent and rubber isolators for noise-free travel

Highly durable manual operation for reliable, maintenance-free, heavy duty service

Assembled in the USA for superior quality.

No effect on Ram vehicle warranty coverage.

High visibility color available by special order.

Compatible with Tow Hitch.

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